Mohammadali Rahnama

E3B 1H8, 


New Brunswick,


Work experience

Siemens Canada Limited Sep 2021 — Present

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Software Quality Assurance Analyst (Co-op)

Since September 2021, I have been working for Siemens Canada Limited as a Quality Assurance Analyst (Software Tester) for my co-op work terms. My responsibilities included deploying the core and required third-party software on the servers, creating, executing, and modifying test cases, reporting bugs discovered during the testing process, verifying that the bugs marked as resolved have been fixed, updating the instruction manuals as needed to accommodate the new features, and automating previously manual tests.

Picasso Art Gallery Oct 2017 — Oct 2020

Kerman, Kerman, Iran


P.A.G. Specialized Fine Art Reproduction Services

In October 2017, I launched the Picasso Art Gallery, an online art gallery where customers could purchase the world's best artwork. Picasso Art Gallery was an online visual arts gallery where customers could safely purchase artwork from well-known national and international artists. From abstract canvases to digital images, painting, and even street art and murals, we offered an international selection of the best works in a variety of styles and techniques.

Chop30 Jan 2018 — Oct 2020

Kerman, Kerman, Iran


Chop30 Online Printing Services

Chop30, a website for online printing, debuted in January of 2018. As a result, I registered chop30 as a trademark in late 2018. Online printing services have never been simpler or more convenient than they are now. Chop30 was a digital printing business that offered a variety of products and services for any size company or project. We applied our established customer service, execution, and quality values to every order, changing the way printing was perceived and opening new frontiers and ranges of possibilities to industry and the general public from all walks of life. We learned a lot from our customers and continued to improve our platform to meet their evolving needs. We expanded quickly and continuously.

Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman Jan 2017 — Jan 2018

Kerman, Kerman, Iran

Computer Lab Supervisor

Starting from January 2017, for two semesters, I was working for the I.T. Department of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman as the Computer lab No.5's Supervisor.

Sepehr Rayan Kavir Jun 2015 — Dec 2015

Kerman, Kerman, Iran

Junior Computer Repair Technician

In June 2015, I joined the computer repair team of the Sepehr Rayan Kavir's repair centre, the first and largest digital repair centre in Kerman.


Computer Science  M.Sc. 2021 — Present

University of New Brunswick

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

G.P.A.: A-

-Big data systems
-Machine learning and data mining
-Digital forensics
-Web Mapping and Geospatial Web Services

Advanced Computer Science Postgraduate Certificate  2020 — 2021

University of Hertfordshire

Hatfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

G.P.A.: 84%

-Legal and Ethical Practice Exercise
-Team Research and Development Project
-Wireless Mobile and Multimedia Networking

Computer Architecture Engineering M.Sc.

2016 — 2019

Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Kerman, Kerman, Iran

G.P.A.: 93% - 18.6/20

M.Sc. Thesis Title:
Proposing a new method for moving target detection and tracking in wireless sensor networks. 


-Systems on Chip
-Advanced Computer Networks
-Advanced Computer Architecture
-Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems
-Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture
-Parallel Systems Architecture
-Design of Low Power Systems
-Quantum Computing

Software Engineering B.Sc. 2012 — 2016

Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Kerman, Kerman, Iran

G.P.A.: 77% - 15.26/20

B.Sc. Technical Project Title:

Designing a control circuit using the GPRS and GSM technology.

Courses:-Fundamentals of Computer
-Differential Equations
-Engineering Mathematics
-Engineering Probability and Statistics
-Electrical Circuits
-Discrete Mathematics
-Advanced programming
-Technical English
-Electronic circuits Logic Circuits
-Machine Language and Assembly
-Data Structure and Algorithms
-Object-oriented Systems Design
-Design of Algorithms
-Method of Scientific and Technical Presentation
-Operating System 1
-Principles of Database Design
-Computer Architecture
-Software Engineering 1
-Information Storage and Retrieval
-Computer Networks
-Theory of Languages and Machines
-Fundamentals of Information Technology
-Technical Project of B. Sc.
-Artificial Intelligence
-Microprocessor 1
-Design and implementation of Programming Languages
-Internet Engineering
-Electronic Commerce
-Software Engineering 2
-Fundamentals of Compilers Design
-Multimedia Environments

High School and Middle school 2005— 2012

NODET (National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents)

Kerman, Kerman, Iran

NODET is an organization that recruits students for middle and high schools through a two-step set of exams at each level. The organization is aiming to provide a unique educational environment for exceptionally talented students.


programming Languages:

C, C++

Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Visual Studio
MathWorks - MATLAB
Xilinx I.S.E.
Proteus Design Suite


Agile Tesing
Test Automation
Web Design
Wirless Sensor Networks
Internet of Things


References available upon request.
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